About Us


Susan Duthie

For over 25 years Susan Bainbridge Duthie has served the Bay Area with unique and innovative interior design. Qualified in interior specifications, expert color coordination, and the art of placement, her projects range from ground-up renovation and new construction to the last lamp on your table. Susan believes the key to a successful design outcome is listening to her clients, and her goal is to help them realize more than they thought...


Jim Duthie

Jim manages the business affairs for our studio. He is responsible for marketing programs and the financial systems that support the team. He is often found in the showroom, and will be happy to help you with finding that perfect gift or accessory. One of his key responsibilities is overseeing the activities of the company mascot, Sailor, a Portuguese Water Dog.



As the company mascot, Sailor greets anyone who wishes to be greeted upon entering our studio. A proudPortuguese Water Dog, he enjoys his time in the office (even though he is often mistaken for a Standard French Poodle). Sailor enlisted in the Valley Humane Pet Therapy program in 2007 and serves by visiting the veterans at the Livermore Veterans’ hospital.