Castle Comforts Interior Design is your personal interior designer for “any service” for your home interior remodeling/updating project. With over 25 years of design expertise, we will guide you in selecting textures, colors, fabrics, shapes and furnishings that will not only truly reflect your personality but awe and inspire you. Our goal is that, “You love the room when it is finished, not that is just nice, but you love it!”

There are so many facets to any project that we have chosen to list a three clients continually ask us to perform.

In-home Consultation.

There is no substitute for being physically in the space that is under consideration for a remodel/update. We take this opportunity to listen and fully understand your view of the project, including all your likes, dislikes and concerns. During this time, we provide you “our opinion” on the alternative approaches and gladly discuss your choices and how each will effect the final design.

One of the key objectives of this meeting is to identify for you the steps in the overall process allowing you to achieve your ultimate goal. From this initial on-site meeting you are welcome to use any of our ideas yourself or you may chose to have us work with you on the project. Our clients have told us this initial meeting has reduced the complexity of their projects by eliminating some of the unworkable alternatives, establishing the priorities allowing them to more clearly see the outcome, and saving money by avoiding costly change orders or do-overs.

Paint Consultation.

Today selecting the right color can be a daunting task requiring more than a quick trip to the paint store and pulling a few colors you think might look good on the walls. We provide both exterior and interior paint consultations. Choosing your paint color is a process that we have refined over the years.

As you might expect we initially take into consideration what is your color pallet. Next we feel that paint is one of the fundamental layers of your design and therefore must be anchored with a meaningful piece of art, furniture, area rug or something you feel is important. Once this piece is identified there are a great number of factors that contribute to selecting the perfect color. Several of the factors are lighting, textures, fabrics, accent colors, visibility from one room to another, the type of corner on every door casing or opening in the room. And just to make it more interesting how all these factors relate to one another must be considered. We choose the best of the alternatives and provide you with the actual paint chip from Benjamin Moore paint.

Why Benjamin Moore paint, http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/welcome-to-benjamin-moore? Not only do they have beautiful rich colors, our experience is this paint covers better than other paint brands, as well as, having a variety of finishes we select in our recommendation. We can also recommend a painting contractor if you do not have one or prefer not to paint the room yourself.


Deciding to reupholster any piece of furniture is often not a straight-forward decision. The main expense involved in re-upholstery is the fabric. So before moving forward you should decide if the frame is worthy of the investment. Many clients bring us sentimental pieces that have been handed down over generations. These items of course fall into the category of preserving family history and when appropriate we have the resources to make any necessary structural repairs.

After you have determined the frame is worthy or the sentimental value is worthy, in our studio we have a large library of designer fabrics from companies like Pindler and Pindler, Kravet, Schumacher, and Osbourne Little to mention but a few, which are all suited for upholstery. We will assist you with the fabric selection and prepare the estimate which includes pickup and delivery.